Lighting Guide

Use this guide to find the perfect spot to place your recently purchased plant in your home or to shop for the right plant for your space.

When shopping, you'll notice the light requirements listed: Bright direct light, Bright indirect light, Medium light and Low light. Check out the correlating numbers in the diagram to the left.  

For more detailed information on light, keep reading! 

Factors the Determine Lighting

The main factors that determine lighting type are:

  • How far the plant is from a window

  • Which direction that window is facing: North, South, East or West

  • If there's anything in front of the the window, like a curtain, tree outside, etc. 

Incorrect Lighting Issues



If a plant is not receiving enough light or is receiving too much light, there are tell tale signs to look out for. Here are the common problems caused by incorrect lighting:


Not Enough Light

  • Flowers are not blooming

  • Weak, slow and thin growth

  • Yellowing leaves 

  • New leaves are smaller than usual

Too Much Light

  • Flowers shrivel up and die quickly

  • Leaves shrivelling up and drying

  • Leaves fade in colour

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